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OpenLDAP - an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol courses

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287855 OpenLDAP for Linux Systems 7 hours If your organization have Linux systems which numbers rapidly increase you probably face the problem with managing user accounts. Every user has to have an account on multiple servers, where you have to prepare that account manually. With this course you will learn how to setup one point where you can store all of your accounts, and thanks to this you will simplify and increase productivity of management processes. Introduction - LDAP: What it is and what it does - Organization of the data in the directory - LDAP Data Interchange Format - Filters and search facilities - Adding, modifying and deleting objects Installation and Configuration - Basic Setup and introduction to the OpenLDAP Configuration (OLC) - Mechanisms for data storage - Installation of OpenLDAP - Initial setup of OLC - Setting up TLS - Defining access control lists (ACL) - Logging System - High availability and data replication Configuring applications and services - Configuration of NSS and PAM - Management of system users with OpenLDAP - Apache - Basic Auth configuration mechanism - Samba - installation - Samba - smbldap configuration tools - Samba - Configuration - Samba - user management - Phpldapadmin - Installation and Configuration - Phpldapadmin - management of groups and users
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Apache Tomcat Administration Brussels Wed, 2016-07-06 09:30 3950EUR / 5350EUR

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