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2458 Create OpenStack cloud infrastructure 14 hours The course helps to understand and implement cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack. The participant learns the architecture and capabilities of OpenStack and a variety of installation scenarios. Introduction OpenStack Architecture Core services Additional services Environment Planning implementation Preparing the environment Identity service Installing Keystone Architecture Authentication Image service Installing Glance Architecture Adding images Compute service Installing Nova Architecture Adding compute nodes Network service Installing Neutron Architecture Creating a simple network Block storage service Installing Cinder Architecture Administration Creating users and projects Creating and destroying instances Creating and attaching volumes Configuration tools
300890 OpenStack Administration - Basic 14 hours The course is dedicated to IT engineers and architects who are looking for a solution to host private or public IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud. Course goal: gaining basic knowledge regarding OpenStack design, installation and administration automated OpenStack cluster installation and configuration Introduction: What is OpenStack? Foundations of Cloud Computing Virtualization vs clustering OpenStack evolution OpenStack distributions OpenStack releases OpenStack deployment solutions OpenStack services OpenStack competitors   OpenStack Administration: Basic terms IaaS model Supported hypervisors Supported image formats Basic architecture Design concerns Installation concerns Configuration concerns Administration concerns Automation concerns Growth planning High Availability concerns Automated OpenStack installation with PackStack How to download and execute RC files How to create an external network in Neutron How to upload an image to Glance How to create a new flavor in Nova How to update default Nova and Neutron quotas How to create a new tenant in Keystone How to create a new user in Keystone How to manage roles in Keystone How to create a tenant network in Neutron How to create a router in Neutron How to manage router’s interfaces in Neutron How to update security groups in Neutron How to upload RSA key-pair to the project How to allocate floating IPs to the project How to launch an instance from image in Nova How to associate floating IPs with instances How to create a new volume in Cinder How to attach the volume to the instance How to take a snapshot of the instance How to take a snapshot of the volume How to launch an instance from snapshot in Nova How to create a volume from snapshot in Cinder How to create a container in Swift How to upload data to the container in Swift   Basic Environment: Prerequisites Nodes and networks AMQP Keystone: Objects API concerns Components Backends Authentication process   Glance: Components Backends   Nova: Components Flavors Instances launching and termination process Schedulers awareness Remote access   Neutron: Components Network virtualization Virtual network devices L2 agent OVS ML2 Bringing it all together - Compute Bringing it all together - Networker Virtual networks L3 agent DHCP agent   Horizon: Backends Cinder: Volumes Components Backends   Swift: What is object storage? Replication Structure Data addressing Modified consistent hashing ring Data placement Metadata placement Part power Ring internals Ring builder Components Backends   Heat: Use cases Components Templates “Hello World” template   Ceilometer: Use cases Basic concepts Components Polling agents Backends   Adding Compute Node: Manual addition of a Compute Node  
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