Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets - Sass Training Course

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This course is delivered in English.

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Duration Duration

14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)

Requirements Requirements

Good knowledge of CSS, HTML5. Knowledge of any programming language is useful but not required.

Course Outline Course Outline

  1. Very Short Intro
    1. CSS limitations
    2. Less vs Sass
    3. Community and improvment
  2. CSS Extensions
    1. Nested Rules
    2. Referencing Parent Selectors: &
    3. Nested Properties
    4. Placeholder Selectors: %foo
  3. SassScript
    1. Interactive Shell
    2. Variables: $
    3. Data Types
    4. Operations
    5. Parentheses
    6. Functions
    7. Interpolation: #{}
    8. & in SassScript
    9. Variable Defaults: !default
  4. @-Rules and Directives
    1. @import
    2. @media
    3. @extend
    4. @at-root
    5. @debug
    6. @warn
    7. @error
  5. Control Directives & Expressions
    1. if()
    2. @if
    3. @for
    4. @each
    5. @while
  6. Mixin Directives
    1. Defining a Mixin: @mixin
    2. Including a Mixin: @include
    3. Arguments
    4. Passing Content Blocks to a Mixin
  7. Function Directives
  8. Output Style
    1. :nested
    2. :expanded
    3. :compact
    4. :compressed
  9. Extending Sass
    1. Defining Custom Sass Functions
    2. Cache Stores
    3. Custom Importers


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